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Insights By Johnita

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About johnita

With an impressive career spanning over 3 decades, world renowned psychic Johnita Francis is ridiculously passionate about improving the lives of her clients.

Holding a Diploma of Past Life Therapy and Accreditations in Life Purpose Coaching, Manifestation & Abundance Coaching & Human Design, Johnita draws upon her formally trained skill-set as much as her metaphysical skill-set to work with you in releasing, understanding, forgiving and embracing a better life view.

Johnita offers her remarkable gifts, wisdom and spiritual practice delivered in a manner that will have you excited for what life could look like free from the debris and conditioning you’ve been carrying around thus far.

As seen on Moonstruck TV, A1R Psychic Radio & Columnist for Holistic Bliss Magazine

insights by johnita


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Psychic Readings

A 45-minute lively session making full use of Johnita’s supernatural gifts; channeling straight into the spirit realm, we take a look at the questions you need answered right now.

A Psychic Reading Session is best for those who have specific queries around situations and people.

You will receive a lot of downloaded valuable information on the topics you are most curious about.

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Finding Your Purpose

Focusing on your unique Human Design, we deep dive into your Conscious & Unconscious Self.

You will be given a blueprint of the life you were born to live BEFORE conditioning, and an analysis of how to benefit from your newfound knowledge.

It’s a session that teaches you how to embrace your uniqueness and it is a lot of FUN.

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Mentoring Program

Are you repeating frustrating cycles or patterns?

Feeling stuck and unsure in general?

Lacking direction in life, work or relationships?

Is it only a matter of time before you slap someone?

If you are nodding YES I have a solution

  • Rewire your brain for success
  • Attract better opportunities
  • Create the End Result you want
  • Learn about the Conscious Self
  • Understand the Unconscious Self
  • Manifest more Successfully


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Living with Purpose

Living in alignment & doing what truly matters to you.

Listen to your body and deepen your spiritual insight

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Increased Awareness

Open, embody and heal your energy centers. Create emotional flow, be free from ancestral and current debris

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Greater Happiness

Activate your spiritual energy and create an abundance of joy, creativity and peace.

Unleash your Passion

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Frequently asked questions

What service is best for my situation?

It really depends on what you are hoping to achieve and where you are on your journey.

If it’s some quick clarity you require, or perhaps assistance with your own gifts, a psychic mediumship reading will be great.

If you are after more in depth details about you and why you are here, Human Design readings are best suited.

If you are serious about moving into your fullest potential, the Mentoring Program will be best.

Why do you need to know my birth details?

Your birth details provide an accurate starting point to establish your Human Design - once I have these details, I am able to offer an individualistic approach to your specific conscious and unconscious programming.

We can understand all the BeYoutiFull layers that make you, you and understand how to maximise your opportunities for a purpose aligned life.

How are the services delivered?

As I provide services around the Globe, my sessions are delivered online through Zoom. I am based in Sydney, Australia, where applicable, our time zones will be worked out so that you can enjoy the sessions at a suitable time.

Just let me know your location when you book.

fees and bookings

** Please contact Johnita to book/Pay **

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Psychic Readings

45 mins, full 8 clair use + Channelling delivered

via Zoom

$100 aud

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Finding Your Purpose

60 mins

delivered via Zoom

with your individual

report emailed to

you prior

to session

$140 aud

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Mentoring Program

12-week course

Entry to Facebook Group

2 x Weekly Zoom meetings

All course materials included

$100 aud per week*

or $1000 aud at start

*must be paid in 1 week in advance at all times


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L. Murray

“Since my reading I have become so much more positive about change, which has allowed everything in my life to start flowing again….THANK YOU Johnita”

D. Kitchener

“I kept getting drawn back to Johnita so decided to wait for a reading. She started off with a bang with blessings from my parents on our recent relocation. Johnita told me things no one else could have known”

N. Borg

Johnita is a one-of-a-kind woman; her gifts are genuine, and her knowledge is unbelievable … she will guide you and help you in whatever you need to move forward and progress on your path”

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