Motivate & Empower

A spectacular almost 30 year career in spiritual development and metaphysics, a talented and accurate psychic medium with access to all 8 clairs and a wealth of channeled knowledge, Johnita offers 45min online sessions delivered in the privacy of her video conferencing reading room.

Getting right into the heart of your concerns, we unravel the hidden trauma that is often contributing to our current situation. Ever wondered why manifesting just doesn’t seem to work?… it’s because we have trauma blocking the way. Johnita will work with you, your higher self and her spirit team to go deeper and learn the reasons why you are on this cycle, handing you the tools you need to move forward and start manifesting the life that is yours by your divine right.

For those who need further support or are looking for mentoring as well as a reading, the Soul Transformation Package is recommended. A complete look at your astrology, numerology along with channeled guidance, and mentoring sessions to help keep you on track, refer to the documents below for further details.

45 min online Session
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Transform My Life Package
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