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Insights By Johnita

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About johnita

With an illustrious career spanning over three decades, the globally acclaimed psychic Johnita Francis exhibits an unwavering ​dedication to enhancing the well-being of her clientele.

Equipped with a Diploma in Past Life Therapy and certifications in Life Purpose Coaching, Manifestation & Abundance Coaching, ​and Human Design, Johnita seamlessly integrates her formal training with her metaphysical expertise to assist you in releasing, ​comprehending, forgiving, and embracing a more enriching perspective on life.

Johnita extends her extraordinary talents, insights, and spiritual guidance in a manner that will ignite your anticipation for a life ​liberated from the burdens and societal conditioning you've carried thus far.

Prepare for an engaging experience that empowers you to fully embrace your individuality—a journey that promises both ​enlightenment and enjoyment.

As seen on Moonstruck TV, A1R Psychic Radio & Columnist for Holistic Bliss Magazine

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Psychic Readings

Embark on a dynamic 45-minute ​journey harnessing Johnita's ​extraordinary gifts; delving directly into ​the ethereal realm, we explore the ​pressing questions weighing on your ​mind.

Ideal for individuals seeking clarity on ​specific situations and relationships, a ​Psychic Reading Session promises ​abundant insights tailored to your ​inquiries, offering invaluable guidance ​and revelations on your most pressing ​concerns.

insights by johnita


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Finding Your Purpose

Centered on your distinct Human Design, ​we embark on an exploration of your ​Conscious and Unconscious Selves, ​delving into the depths of your innate ​blueprint.

During this enlightening session, you'll ​uncover the roadmap to the life you were ​destined to lead prior to societal ​conditioning, accompanied by an ​analysis of how to leverage this ​newfound understanding to your ​advantage.

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Mentoring Program

Are you caught in repetitive, exasperating cycles ​or patterns?

Feeling stagnant and uncertain about your path ​in life?

Experiencing a lack of clarity in your career, ​relationships, or personal growth?

Do you find yourself on the brink of frustration?

If you're nodding in agreement, I have the solution ​for you:

Reprogram your mind for success.

Draw better opportunities towards you. Manifest ​the outcomes you desire.

Explore your Conscious Self.

Uncover the mysteries of your Unconscious Self.

Achieve greater success in your manifestations.

step into a realm of profound ​spiritual growth

Through personalized guidance and intuitive wisdom, we illuminate the path to enlightenment.

Explore the depths of your being, uncovering hidden truths and unlocking your innate potential.

Johnita’s holistic approach integrates ancient wisdom with modern insights, empowering you to transcend limitations ​and embrace spiritual abundance.

Whether seeking clarity, healing, or spiritual awakening, Johnita’s transformative sessions provide a sacred space for ​growth and self-discovery.

Experience the profound shift as you align with your true essence, manifesting a life filled with joy, purpose, and ​fulfillment.

Embark upon your journey of awakening and embark on the path to profound spiritual evolution.

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Living with Purpose

Embracing alignment and ​prioritizing what holds ​genuine significance to you. ​Tune into your body's wisdom ​and enhance your spiritual ​awareness.

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Increased Awareness

Unlock, embody, and nurture ​your energy centers. Cultivate ​emotional fluidity, liberate ​yourself from ancestral and ​present-day burdens.

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Greater Happiness

Ignite your spiritual vitality ​and cultivate a wealth of joy, ​creativity, and serenity. Set ​free your inner passion.

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Frequently asked questions

What service is best for my situation?

The choice largely hinges on your aspirations ​and current stage of growth.

For swift insights or guidance in honing your ​own abilities, a psychic mediumship reading ​is ideal.

Seeking profound understanding of your ​purpose and identity? Opt for Human Design ​readings.

For those committed to realizing their highest ​potential, the Mentoring Program offers ​comprehensive support.

Why do you need to know my birth details?

Your birth information serves as the ​foundation for deciphering your unique ​Human Design.

With this essential data, I tailor a personalized ​analysis of your conscious and unconscious ​patterns.

Together, we unravel the intricate layers that ​comprise your individual essence, ​empowering you to seize opportunities ​aligned with your purpose for a fulfilling life ​journey.

How are the services delivered?

As I offer my services worldwide, sessions are ​conducted conveniently online via Zoom.

Operating from Sydney, Australia, I ​accommodate different time zones to ensure ​sessions are scheduled at a mutually ​convenient time for you.

Simply provide your location when booking, ​and we'll coordinate accordingly.

fees and bookings

** Please contact Johnita to book/Pay **

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A comprehensive session of 45 minutes utilizing all 8 clair senses plus ​channeling, conducted conveniently via Zoom. Price: $100 AUD

Psychic Readings

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A personalized 60-minute session conducted via Zoom, including an

individualized report sent to you in advance of the session. Price: $140 AUD

Finding Your Purpose

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Mentoring Program

A 12-week program offering access to a dedicated Facebook Group and two ​weekly Zoom meetings. All essential course materials are provided.

Price: $1000 AUD (payment plans available)


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L. Murray

“Since my reading I have become so much more positive about change, which has allowed everything in my life to start flowing again….THANK YOU Johnita”

D. Kitchener

“I kept getting drawn back to Johnita so decided to wait for a reading. She started off with a bang with blessings from my parents on our recent relocation. Johnita told me things no one else could have known”

N. Borg

Johnita is a one-of-a-kind woman; her gifts are genuine, and her knowledge is unbelievable … she will guide you and help you in whatever you need to move forward and progress on your path”

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