Insights By Johnita Francis


I arrived here via the Earth Transportation Apparatus, commonly referred to as parents. And that was pretty much their job done in their eyes.

My story is challenging, full of nonsense, ridicule, abuse and violence. It wasn’t the easiest of homes to live in, and I found I spent a lot of time talking with ‘visitors’ and going off on adventures with them.

Fast forward to teenage years and I became very aware that these ‘visitors’ were spirits and no, not everyone can see them. My life with Spirit began very early and we share a unique and unbreakable bond.

“Every single negative we experience in our lives has the potential to become a positive”

I started reading professionally in 1993 at the ripe old age of 16. I love this passion, I love being able to wake every day knowing that today is the day someone will choose to start thriving.

I work as a Sacred Soul Healer, specialising in improving quality of life using intuition to unravel mysteries, release tension and support soul growth.

Johnita is Catalyst for Soul Transformation”

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