About Johnita

Professional Bio

With an impressive career spanning almost 3 decades, world renowned psychic Johnita brings forward messages of clarity and purpose through divine channeling, mediumship and remarkable use of all 8 Clair Senses.  Johnita specializes in improving quality of life using intuition to unravel mysteries, release tension and support soul growth.

Holding a Diploma of Past Life Therapy and an Accreditation in Life Purpose Coaching, Johnita draws upon her formally trained skill-set as much as her metaphysical skill-set to work with you in releasing, understanding, forgiving and embracing a better life view.

A talented energy reader, Johnita works with your energy, your Higher Self and Guides to better understand your current concerns, unlock trapped emotions, support the release of negative conditioning and guide you towards your greater happiness, love and peacefulness.

A reading with Johnita is a 45min lively session which will leave you clear and focused on where to next and how you can go about leaving the unwanted baggage behind once and for all.  Delivered via video conferencing in her private reading room, you can be anywhere in the world, with your favourite drink, comfortable in your own home.

Past Life Regression Sessions take you back to where the most significant imprint occurred which is impacting your current life and mindset. Johnita encourages you to allow up to 2 hours for your session which will include a theta meditation to assist you to safely travel back in time, debrief and homework to ensure you continue in the positive state. These sessions are delivered online in a private meeting room.

Life Purpose Coaching is for those needing closer mentoring to help them find clarity and purpose in their lives. These sessions are particularly important for those wishing to find fulfillment, courage and joy moving forward. These sessions are delivered online in a private meeting room.

Energy is everywhere and your location does not dampen the power of the session. Johnita is the creator of the Soul Transformation Package, a system designed specifically to take a deeper look at your personal numerology, astrology and harmonics to support your journey to alignment.  For further information regarding this package, please see her home page on this website.

Personal Journey

It took me exactly 41 years to work out what the heck I got myself into choosing these experiences this lifetime.  I can proudly share now that I’m here to break ancestral cycles; and not just mine. I am here to teach. 

An old soul born to young parents, and with my North Node planted firmly in Libra, 7th House, I effectively volunteered to take the epic uphill warrior challenge of the lessons I signed up for.  I underestimated the lessons and gave no thought as to how they would be delivered.  *facepalm*

Branded an opinionated, angry and often naughty child, it was apparent to those around me, I was a handful, and it was apparent to me that I was an alien sent to the wrong damn planet.

I spent a number of years being a magnet for horseshit learning, and like all old souls, I learn through living and experiencing.  For me chatting with Spirit is a walk in the park, I had that down to a fine art before I got out of nappies, it was the human experience that I have struggled with.  Relating to and trusting humans.

My lessons have been tough. I have had moments where I have genuinely considered exiting stage left and leaving the emptiness and numbness behind.

I am very glad that I didn’t.

There is so much to live for and so much more I want to throw myself into.  I have experienced serious horseshit lessons in my life BUT the reward for all of that is the woman I am today and the experiences I now have.

I have learned so much about myself, about soul forgiveness, love, letting go and manifesting.  I have taken the lessons and found a passion for helping others find their own peace of mind and happiness.

email: thewarriormovement@outlook.com