Connection… Intuition… Empowerment…

Often when we are out of alignment, our lives give us the illusion of chaos. We get held in that place of fear and can become despondent. 

Struggle and heartbreak  are opportunities for growth and acceptance; even a seed knows that in order to grow there must be a break.


“Every single negative we experience in our lives has

the potential to become a positive”


Offering the gift of alignment through intuition, thoughts, strategies and emotions, Johnita can help you to see things differently and will bring forward what may have been previously hidden.

Connecting Wisdom with Truth and Intuition, secrets are revealed and miracles appear.

A visionary and advocate for the evolution of Self, Johnita brings a wealth of sacred spiritual knowledge embarking you on your path to dynamic flow.


“Johnita is a Catalyst for Soul Transformation”


An Internationally known Psychic Medium, Gypsy Fortune Teller, Astrologer and published author of The Manifesting Manual.

Johnita brings forward messages of clarity and purpose through divine channeling, mediumship, tarot and remarkable use of all 8 Clair Senses.