Magik & Miracles

When Magik and Miracles are mentioned our faces light up; we instantly think of magicians or divine intervention, both seemingly an illusion.  But how much is actually an illusion and do we have any control at all over the outcomes? What if we could create our own magik? What if we could bring about our own miracles? 

We are often quick to give in to a negative mindset, you know the one that tells us that ‘we are always unlucky’ or ‘it never happens for me’.  What if we were able to switch that mindset from stagnant to growth and start becoming lucky, and enjoying new experiences that seemed out of reach before.  It’s easier than you think; and you need one little ingredient – BELIEF. 

Sounds too easy you say?  We adults are the kings and queens of overanalysing, overcomplicating and overthinking.  We train ourselves to look for the trickery, the illusion, the negative in amongst the positive.  Let’s look at our childhoods though, most of us loved magicians, there was no illusion, we believed that it really was magik. And it was nothing short of a miracle that his assistant was not cut in half!!   Further examples – Santa and The Easter Bunny – the magik they brought into our lives for those few short years until someone (uncompassionate) ruined our lives forever.  Our belief changed, our perception changed and in an instant our ideas of magik were gone.  Cue the beginning of our association that all good things have a trickery or negative attached.  It’s connected, trust me.  One year you are excitedly looking for a fat guy stuck in your chimney, the next year the magik is gone, the miracle of Christmas is destroyed.  And you have set a subconscious mind pattern for adulthood of waiting for the negative to destroy your positive. 

Now I’m not saying that we should all band together and manifest Santa or any other childhood love we had, but I am saying that the magik was there until our perception changed.  Perceptions are our reality. There are multiple realities and we have choices to live in whichever manner we excel in.  Change your perception, and you will change your reality. 

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