Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine?

I remember a lady, a colleague, saying to me in 2012 ‘You have a man-brain’.  Now I love the divine masculine so I took it immediately as a compliment even though I knew she was being derogative.  She was referring to my ability to resolve and move on; not get caught in the emotion of something.  Yes I feel it, I understand it, then I apply intelligent emotion to it and move on. I have had lesson upon lesson this lifetime, experience upon experience and not all of these moments have been cherished. If I allowed myself to get caught on the hang up of emotion consumption I would be in a permanent white jacket or 6 feet under.

Which brings me back to the divine masculine; if it were not for my man brain, my ability to not get caught in the emotion but understand it and then move on, I would not be sitting here right now writing this.  Ever heard of that saying if you can’t work something out walk away, get distracted and come back to it?  I have used this mantra for many many moons. If I cannot work out the solution, I will walk away, I work on my motorcycle, I completely get distracted by something, anything but what it is my mind is working on; my mind will continue to look for a solution, but it is not consumed by the issue, it is consumed by the distraction.  This effectively removes me from being in “it”, to being outside of “it” – this is where I gain the solution. 

The divine masculine always walks away, gets distracted and essentially buys thinking time –we know men do this, we have seen it – they go do something when we really really need to talk as an example.  The divine masculine processes differently.  The divine feminine processes files upon files upon gigabytes of emotions; whereas the divine masculine processes logically.  The divine feminine faces an issue and immediately feels, the divine masculine faces an issue and immediately thinks.

It is no secret that we need both in order to function really well; but we do not need a 50/50 blend of the two in order to be whole.  I work predominately in the masculine and I love it.  I am a solutions expert and I tap into the spirit world to get the solution.  I encourage you to pull out your divine masculine for Men’s Health Month and see where your best balance point sits. And have fun with it, spirituality is not a race nor a competition, it is an individual journey.  Blessings xx

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