Festive Insights for The Inner Grinch

Here we go again *insert eye roll* All those who have come from dysfunctional families, narcissistic parents and/or abusive childhoods will relate on some level to my take on Christmas.  Going Home doesn’t always make for a fabulous Christmas. As adults, although we have done the work, are still doing the work, know there isContinue reading “Festive Insights for The Inner Grinch”

Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine?

I remember a lady, a colleague, saying to me in 2012 ‘You have a man-brain’.  Now I love the divine masculine so I took it immediately as a compliment even though I knew she was being derogative.  She was referring to my ability to resolve and move on; not get caught in the emotion ofContinue reading “Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine?”