A spectacular almost 30 year career in spiritual development and metaphysics, a talented and accurate psychic medium with access to all 8 clairs and a wealth of channeled knowledge, Johnita offers online sessions delivered in the privacy of her video conferencing empowerment room.

Wondering what the 8 clairs are?

Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing

Claircognizance – Clear Knowing

Clairsalience – Clear Smelling

Clairgustance – Clear Tasting

Clairsentience – Clear Feeling

Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

Clairtangency – Clear Touching

Clairempathy – Clear Emotion

Holding a Diploma of Past Life Therapy and an Accreditation in Life Purpose Coaching, Johnita draws upon her formally trained skill-set as much as her metaphysical skill-set to work with you in releasing, understanding, forgiving and embracing a better life view.

Getting right into the heart of your concerns, we unravel the hidden trauma that is often contributing to our current situation. Ever wondered why manifesting just doesn’t seem to work?… it’s because we have trauma blocking the way. Johnita will work with you, your higher self, and her spirit team to go deeper and learn the reasons why you are on this cycle, handing you the tools you need to move forward and start manifesting the life that is yours by your divine right.

45 Minute Psychic Reading
  • Delivered Online
Life Purpose Coaching Session
  • Allow 1 hour
Past Life Regression Session
  • Allow 2 hours
Soul Transformation
  • Online/Electronic

A reading with Johnita is a 45min lively session which will leave you clear and focused on where to next and how you can go about leaving the unwanted baggage behind once and for all.  Delivered via video conferencing in her private reading room, you can be anywhere in the world, with your favourite drink, comfortable in your own home.

Past Life Regression Sessions take you back to where the most significant imprint occurred which is impacting your current life and mindset. Johnita encourages you to allow up to 2 hours for your session which will include a theta meditation to assist you to safely travel back in time, debrief and homework to ensure you continue in the positive state. These sessions are delivered online in a private meeting room.

Life Purpose Coaching is for those needing closer mentoring to help them find clarity and purpose in their lives. These sessions are particularly important for those wishing to find fulfillment, courage and joy moving forward. These sessions are delivered online in a private meeting room.

Being a Catalyst for Soul Transformation, I developed a multi-faceted package designed to bring synchronicity and magic into your life. For further details on the package, please download the presentation below.

Session Times

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