Services & Fees

Johnita provides boutique services only. Please refer below for services.

Please ensure you leave contact details, your name and email address when you book through PayPal.

Spiritual Mentoring – $120AUD per 60mins

Connecting with Spirit, these sessions are channeled and are facilitated in a private online chatroom. These sessions are for those individuals who are serious about making changes to their lives and need to know where and how to start. Bookings can be made by contacting Johnita on Facebook Messenger at Insights By Johnita Francis, or by emailing Please have your payment reference ready when you book your appointment.


Astrology Chart and Interpretation – $150 (Includes chart and written interpretation)

Your personalized Natal Chart delivered to your inbox with a comprehensive interpretation of your planetary positions and an added bonus of any channeled information that comes through.


Dear Human – A Letter from our Higher Self – $55AUD

Ever wondered what your Higher Self would say to you if they could write you a letter? Our Higher Self holds all the answers to our personal growth. Using attuned automatic writing gifts, Johnita channels information straight from your Higher Self and presents this to you in a personalised letter filled with love, positivity, affirmations and healing. It is an honour to bring this gift to you; a beautiful keepsake from your Higher Self. Your Dear Human letter will be delivered to your inbox. 


Clarity, Purpose, Direction – $80AUD for 30mins

Johnita and her Spirit Posse offer 30min private readings for those looking for clarity, purpose and direction in life. With a career spanning more than 25 years of professionally channelling straight from Spirit, your session will be lively and provide you with the peace of mind you are seeking. We can cover relationships, career, personal matters, trauma and the ever popular 'what am I here for' topics. All sessions are conducted via a private online reading room.


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