“I had the pleasure of meeting Johnita yesterday at the Bathurst Living and Wellness expo. Thank you for your reading. It has given me a lot to process and put into action”  – Z.Galli

“Thank you for being upfront and honest always xo” – K.Economos

“I kept getting drawn back to Johnita so decided to wait for a reading. She started off with a bang with blessings from my parents on our recent relocation. The cards were spot on and Johnita told me things no one else could have known” – D.Kitchener

“Johnita Francis it was great. You are awesome and your personality and way with words makes me smile. Thank you for my reading, much appreciated” – J.Cook

“She was able to deliver an amazing message from a dearly, departed loved one…which helped set my mind & body free from my immense anguish. My card reading also provided me with the knowledge that i/we were ready for the next chapter in our lives & we were making the right decisions. Since my reading I have become so much more positive about change, which has allowed everything in my life to start flowing again….THANK YOU Johnita” Love Bub

Johnita is a one of a kind woman, her gifts are genuine and her knowledge is unbelievable … she will guide you and help you in whatever you need to move forward and progress on your path – N.Borg

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