The New Me Package

Being an Advocate for the Evolution of Self, I developed a package that is designed to propel you along your search for an improved quality of life.

1 x 30 minute channeled reading – We start with this reading to provide an overview of exactly where you are right now, in this moment.  This reading will highlight any self sabotaging habits you have and find hidden trauma that we can work on to release. It’s the nook and cranny investigation. Valued at $80

1 x Astrology Chart (Natal) and Written Interpretation – A combination of your chart and your blueprint soul contract will provide an in depth look at where your challenges are in your life, and what we can do to support areas of growth from an Astrological viewpoint. Valued at $120

1 x Soul Expression Reading – We use Numerology to unlock what it is your Soul wants to achieve this lifetime. Valued at $45

1 x Life Path Reading – Using Numerology once again we see what path you have laid for your self. Valued at $45

4 x 1 hour Life Coach Mentoring sessions – Weekly online, one on one discussions regarding maximising your toolkit, how to embrace the new you, how to reduce and then eliminate self sabotage and anything else that is individualised to you.  This is your time to ask questions and propel yourself along your spiritual journey. Valued at $400

BONUS GIFT – The Manifesting Manual is yours FREE when you sign on for The New Me Package, delivered immediately to your email.

The New Me Package